Diabetes Symptom You Can Do A SelfCheck Of This Fatal Disease

Are you finding yourself battling dizziness? Do you have the need to wake up and use the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning? Is you weight yo-yoing for no apparent reason? These are symptoms that have been associated with diabetes. If you answered yes to more than one of these diabetes symptom questions, you should see your doctor. But, if you answered yes to these questions, don't automatically assume that you are diabetic. Following are some things to keep in mind when waiting to talk to your doctor. There are two types of diabetes; Type one or Type II that show different symptoms. Blood sugar levels in the body that are elevated is a hallmark of the disease.

And insulin production, or rather how it is used, is what differentiates the two types. Type I diabetes is where there is not enough insulin made by the body to balance sugar levels in the blood. Teenagers and young children are more common like to have this which is why this is also known as Juvenile Diabetes. When the body struggles to produce insulin is the Type II diabetes.

This is the more common form of the ailment. Between the ages of 35-45 is when this will usually show itself. Also, three to five percent of pregnant women will experience gestational diabetes.

The hormonal imbalance during pregnancy is the reason for this to occur during the 24th to 28 week of pregnancy. There are a few major considerations when checking to see if the given symptoms and some minor ones as well. However, it is important to know that even minor diabetes symptoms, if left untreated can cause major problems.

Amputation and loss of eyesight are some problems that can happen when major diabetes symptoms are ignored. Excessive thirst is one of the minor diabetes symptoms. Even after a full meal, some people will still feel hungry. Frequent urination, particularly in the middle of the night is another sign that you may have diabetes.

Fatigue is another thing that may point to diabetes as well as a sudden change in weight. I large weight gain, or more commonly, weight loss, is something to talk your doctor. Blurred vision is an example of a major diabetic symptom that can lead to blindness if not treated. Tingling and numbness in the hands and feet can also occur as well as a weaken immune system.

Dry or overly itchy skin can result from a reduced sweat gland and decreased circulation. Additional problems can happen with any major or minor diabetes symptoms are ignored. Diabetics, for example, suffer from foot problems and poor circulation; these are urgent things to be taken care of. When your feet aren't happy, generally speaking, the rest of you aren't happy either.

Performing a self check on the internet before you go to your family doctor will help you determine whether or not you are experiencing more than one diabetes symptom. You find checklists and quizzes on line that may help you detect the aliment. You will want to make an appointment when ever you fell it is necessary to do so, but if the list gets too long, make the appointment whether or not you feel like it is a must. Summary: There are several symptoms associated with diabetes.

If you suspect this is what has been bothering you, go on line and look for checklists and quizzes. Major and minor diabetes symptoms to look for are dizziness, nerve damage, blurred vision and excessive thirst and hunger.

Brooke Hayles
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