How Do I Get Rid Of Old Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin problem with the people of age between 11 to 30. Even after healing the acne leaves scars on the skin and these scars in turn give older look to the skin as the skin loses its elasticity with time. How do I get rid of old Acne Scars? The old problem of unwanted acne and scars lies even today. They cover the faces of people giving an eclipse to their enthusiasm and youthfulness. This is the reason; scars are loathed by all of us. Individuals seek advice from peers and parents and if nothing works, they take medical advice or go for cosmetic surgery, which is very "in" nowadays.

They might be an expensive affair but guarantees a clear and flawless beautiful face. Types of scars There are number of treatments for removing acne scars that depends on the type and depth of scars. The hypertrophic and keloid acne scars are formed due to the increased tissue formation due to the accumulation of collagen in the skin. There are also acne scars formed due to the loss of tissue like ice-pick scars, depressed fibrotic scars and atrophic macules.

Things to be avoided There are a numerous things, which are not healthy for the skin and should be avoided as much as possible. Foods like processed one and refined, oily stuff, beverages like soft drinks, coffee and tea and sugar based products should be said a "big no". Medicines and experts In today's times when everything is thought from the perspective of science and chemicals, medical experts advice is really a must go option. They prescribe really effective pills, which help bring clear skin of face into existence.

Cosmetic surgery It is the innovative blend of knowledge and latest technology, which provides freedom from acne and scars. There are number of treatments available including microdermabrasion, which utilizes very minute crystals in exfoliating dead skin. Actually it works on the principle of removing dead cells, which covers the epidermis or outer skin.

This repairs the skin by regenerating cells at a fast rate. Another method known as chemical peeling implies applying of chemicals on the skin and then inducing peeling so that smoke, old or sun damaged skin gets eliminated, and fresh glowing skin that was hidden underneath comes out. The different kinds of peeling that are given by the experts are superficial, deep and medium peels.

They all perform different functions and their positive outcomes can be seen. Laser technique for treatment Now a day's laser treatment of acne scars is more popular as this technology includes usage of lasers with different energy and tissue-penetrating power to treat complex scars. The lasers tighten the collagen fibers in the skin and elevate the depressed scars. Another method of treatment is the soft tissue augmentation that rectifies the scars formed due to the loss of tissue. It includes the usage of subcutaneous fat and collagen injections under the scars so as to elevate the surface of the scars up to the surface of surrounding skin. Beautiful skin is the one that is free from all types of problems.

So with advance treatments available, one can always STAY BEAUTIFUL!.

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