Fed Up On Acid Enjoy Alkaline Foods Instead

As a child I was always suffering from painful ear aches but it was not
until I started to attend school assemblies where one was expected
to close both eyes - that I realised I had the problem of maintaining balance otherwise known as Vertigo.

Most of us first learned about balance when we attempted to walk as toddlers and later on as we tried to learn the art of remaining upright on a bicycle. As for me keeling over backwards in school assembly was where I first learned about the gift of balance - Oh how I admired the monkeys in those Tarzan movies!

The body also has an inbuilt mechanism for maintaining a balance between Acid and Alkali. Indeed your body is meant to be slightly on the alkaline side in order to maintain health and vitality.

It is a fact that diseases like cancer cannot exist in an alkaline bodily environment.

It is also a fact that minerals are alkaline in nature and most ill health can be put down to a deficiency in minerals!

If you go to a search engine such as Google and type in: Acid forming foods and repeat your search with the expression: Alkaline forming foods,
You will have two lists and thus you are now in a position to eat in a balanced manner ensuring that your alkaline foods off set the acid foods.

For example, Black Tea and Coffee are acid forming, whereas Green Tea is alkaline!

Almond are alkaline whereas the rest of nuts are acid forming

Most animal proteins are acid forming whereas, all your greens are alkaline forming.

Limes, Lemon and grapefruit are alkaline despite being citrus fruits!

Millet is an alkaline grain whereas most others are acid forming.

White sugar is acid forming but Molasses is alkaline!

Do you get the picture?

Most people eat an overly acid forming diet - hence the body to remain healthy will rob your bones of minerals in order to counter act the acid conditions, this in turn may lead to future joint problems and chloresterol problems as minerals are also taken from the arteries to keep the body alkalised.

All herbal teas are alkaline by nature - the best is probably Nettle Tea which neutralises uric acid which causes Gout and joint problems.

Apple cider vinegar alkalises your blood stream.

I would strongly recommend making Green Tea, Nettle Tea and Apple cider vinegar a part of your fluid in take.

Remember anything that is alkaline is usually rich in minerals and most diseases are the result of - Mineral Deficiency. If you remember this one important principle - You will not go too far wrong!

There are more advanced tips where I go into detail on my website


About the Author (text)Robert Pasquills website is all about his experience of surviving
cancer treatment at http://www.asunburstcom
Visit the site and download many free PDF reports concerning diet and the acid/alkaline balance.

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