My Experience with Vitamin C and Basal Cell Carcinoma

Before I tell my story of how I believe a very simple, extremely cost effective, and totally natural treatment got rid of a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer, I want to clarify that I am not a medical professional, but rather simply a "lay person" who experimented with this method. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm going to tell you the story of my experience with a topical vitamin C solution and how it got rid of my basal cell carcinoma lesion within a matter of days. You see, I have a history of getting basal cell carcinoma skin cancers, which are not a serious form of skin cancer, are extremely slow to metastasize (spread), and rarely turn into a more serious form of invasive skin cancer.

Hence, their name, they stay on the surface of the skin for the most part, and therefore could potentially go for years without spreading. However, it is still important to identify and remove them since there still could be a chance of further mutation. The areas I had these skin cancers were on my forehead, right where my skin met my hair line, and also a spot on my chest, right between my breasts. The reason I had gone in to get them checked out by a professional was because they seemed to be wounds that would not heal. At first I thought the one on my forehead was actually a burn from a curling iron, but when I noticed it has a smooth, shiny surface, and kept crusting over and would never heal, I became suspicious. A doctor referred me to a dermatologist, who removed both spots that would never heal and sent them away for lab testing.

They were confirmed as basal cell carcinoma skin cancers, and I was scheduled from then on to have twice-annual checkups for these suspicious skin lesions, especially since I have a family history of skin cancer. Because of this experience, I started to do self checks as well, especially looking for spots on my face and forehead, since those are areas that get the most sun exposure by default because they are always the first to face the sunlight. I had notice just about two months ago that another spot, which I initially thought was a blemish, had shown up virtually right over where my white scar was on my forehead from the last basal removal. I also noticed that this one was smooth and shiny, and pink, and never healed after weeks of existence. So, I started reading online for how to get rid of basal cell carcinomas naturally, with a topical Vitamin C treatment, since I had remembered reading about this months ago when surfing the internet reading unrelated alternative medicine news. Lo and behold, I found that many people reported getting rid of these minor skin cancers by simply applying a concentrated Vitamin C solution, the ascorbic acid form, directly to the "tumor" two to three times a day for anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

They reported several successes, with the tumor falling off within days or weeks. I figured, what did I have to lose, and because I really didn't want another scar on my body, especially on my face, and knew that if I went back to the doctor they would surgically remove it again and put stitches in it, not to mention it would cost me quite a bit in medical fees even with insurance, I made the personal decision to forgo that and try to get rid of this naturally, on my own. I went to a natural foods store and purchased a quarter pound of ascorbic acid powder, which cost me not even three dollars. It is a fine white powder that contains about 5,000 mg.

or vitamin C per teaspoon, so it's quite concentrated. I mixed a tiny bit of solution at a time, putting as much of the powder in a solution of water as I could with it still staying a solution instead of a paste, as instructed by the sources I researched. I would then swab it onto the wound with a q-tip several times a day. I noticed that when I applied it, it stung really bad, but only on the wound site and not on the surrounding skin, so I researched this and was comforted to know that it only kills the cancerous cells, not the healthy skin cells, so this explained why it left the healthy surrounding skin unaffected. Supposedly, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), is selectively toxic to cancer cells, at least basal cell carcinoma cells as far as I know. This stinging and burning went on for the next several days, and the wound turned a bright red for about two days before it finally crusted over, and fell right off.

While I never got this examined to see if it was indeed a basal cell skin cancer, I am personally convinced that it was, and that Vitamin C was natural "cure" for it, and worked. While I couldn't recommend this over medical advice, I can say that I personally believe it worked for me, and I took the personal chance of not going to the doctor's to get it diagnosed or tested before "self treating". My previous experience made me comfortable enough to take this route, however, that may not be the case with everyone, and medical advice should be probably be seeked out prior to taking on a treatment yourself.

Danna Schneider is the owner and primary editorial contributor of, a popular beauty review site , which reviews hair removal products like Ultra Hair Away , cosmetics and other beauty products that are new to market. She also contributes to an herbal news and review site where an herbal hair removal product review can be found at herbal hair removal products.

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