Pilates Will Give You The Workout That You Need

Pilates are a set of exercises that were invented by Joseph Pilates to strengthen his body and to maintain it well. Joseph was a very weak kid and so he felt the need to develop his own set of exercises, hence the name Pilates. He borrowed the set of exercises from ancient Romans and Greeks and his exercises are based on the Zen philosophy of yoga.

It was during World War 2 in Germany that Joseph introduced his set of Pilate exercises to fellow soldiers in the German camp. The set of exercise made the Germans to ward off diseases and increase their overall strength. The exercise taught to the interns at that time became the basis of today's Pilate exercises. Pilate exercises enable one to improve their flexibility and strength through a variety of stretching and balancing movements.

Pilates prove to be very beneficial for dancers as they improve the dancer's flexibility and their bodies become resistant to injuries. Many athletes and other celebrities also go for Pilates to improve their overall body fitness. Pilates prevent injury to the body overall and also improve the posture of the person. Pilates help in straightening the body from inside as well as outside. Following Pilate exercises does not only the body physically but also relieves stress and anxiety. Hence Pilate exercises are termed to be very similar to yoga.

Pilates are also recommended for those people with back problems. Pilates help in straightening the back and prevent back pain. Pilate exercises are normally practiced by girls and women. Pilate exercises are expected to increase one's mobility of the joints and also aids in improving blood circulation. They also help in flattening the stomach and removing excess fat from thighs and waist.

Pilate exercises are also favored by senior and overweight people as they don't involve heavy exercises and there is no jumping and lifting involved. Pilates reduce stiffness in joints and also prevents osteoporosis. Pilate work best for pregnant women who would like to get back in shape after their pregnancy. Pilates prove to be a good exercise, not only for the body but for the mind as well.

The exercises have gained popularity worldwide and more and more people are reaping the benefits of doing Pilate exercises. Pilates prove to be one of the few exercises that use fewer and controlled movements that require proper control and form. One can do the exercises in the comforts of the home for just 3 times a week and still gain positive results.

S. Stammberger is the editor of Golden Pilates. Learn everything about pilates and get fit!

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