Reach Your Fitness Goals Through Each Of These Easy Steps

Do you feel over weight? Are you lacking some energy? Would you like to improve your life and start making things happen? Are you tired of feeling blah? We have all felt like that at one time or another. What can you do to fix it? Is it hopeless? Is it out of your reach to fix this feeling? You can do something about it. All you have to do is coach yourself into shape.

You can coach yourself into health. You may be wondering how you do something like this. I am going to show you.

Step 1. You must find out what it is you want to accomplish. Is it that you want to lose weight? Is it that you want to gain muscle? Do you want to start exercising? Would you like to eat right? Would you feel better if you started taking supplements or vitamins? You must identify what the goal is that you want to achieve.

Identify the goal and write it down in a notebook. This notebook is going to be your journal and what holds you true to your word. Write that goal down with conviction. Write it down as if it has already occurred. "I am running 5 miles a day by December 1st." "I have lost 10 lbs by January 5th.

" When you write this down in a notebook you can revisit this and see your accomplishment. Step 2. Figure out a short goal that you can do this week that will move toward your Step 1 goal. Keep in mind that this in an interim goal and must be able to be accomplished in a week. It should not be difficult to do but is more than you have been doing. An example would be "I will run 1 mile twice this week.

" This might be too big of an accomplishment to be done in a week. This might be too small of an accomplishment in a week. You know your body.

You know your schedule and what you can do. Write this short term goal down and get it done. Hold yourself accountable. Writing it down in your journal will help you accomplish your goal. You can't cheat yourself this way.

You will know, after writing it down, what you said and when you said it. You will not be able to lie to yourself. Hold true and feel the accomplishment of that small goal. Step 3.

Continue step 2 until you have reached your final goal. Hold yourself accountable each and every week using your journal to do what it takes to get healthy and meet your goals. You can use this technique in health training, business, or anything in life. Keep up the good work and hold yourself accountable. Writing these things down helps solidify your goal in your mind. You will know when you don't accomplish what you said you would and when you have.

You will be able to feel that confidence and sense of accomplishment when you complete your goals. I learned this technique in training in the corporate world. You can utilize many things in the corporate world in health and fitness. If you are driven to eat more nutritious you could set the goal to take a multi vitamin as a supplement each and everyday. You know what you need to get down and how to do it. You have all of the tools already within you.

All that is needed is something to pull it out of you and something to hold you accountable. Get that journal and start holding yourself accountable to yourself. Anytime you have problems with this you could find a friend or family member who will help to hold you accountable.

Do it today. Get fit and healthy. Always consult a physician prior to starting a fitness regimen or supplementation program.

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