Why You Might Need Hair Replacement

The range of reasons that causes people to lose their hair is vast. There are a number of different theories surrounding hair loss many of which relate to sexual selection and although there is no comprehensive answer to why people lose their hair there appears to be a strong correlation between the levels of testosterone that people produce and the levels and types of hair loss. In the majority of cases hair loss occurs after puberty and this seems to be the trend across all types of primates and humans of course fall under this category.

Whilst in Gorillas the bald members of the group are revered and preferred as sexual partners in humans there tends to be a negative association with baldness. This is especially the case for women that suffer hair loss. It tends to be a problem that affects women more acutely as there are less women that suffer hair loss than men and hair tends to be considered an important aspect of sexuality for women and is arguably more important to females than males.

Hair loss can result from a wide variety of different causes.


Hair loss that occurs as a result of a person pulling out their own hair is called trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is a disease that is closely associated with impulse control disorders and is a condition in which a person is compelled to pull out their own hair. The disease is known as a psychological problem and causes people to pull out hair from all parts of the body including hair from the head, hair from the eyebrows, pubic hair and hair from all other parts of a persons body.

People can suffer from the illness at any age but typically it affects people that are over twelve years old and can there are cases of people as old as seventy having the disorder. The positive thing about this type of hair loss is that if you can prevent the person pulling out their hair the prognosis is good.

The hair is usually broken and the root generally stays intact which means that it can grow back if it is allowed to.


People that are exposed to high levels of radiation often suffer from hair loss as the radiation can have a strong effect. The most prevalent form of hair loss from radiation is the hair loss that people experience as a result of radiation treatment for illnesses such as cancer. There is good news for people that experience hair loss as a result of radiation in that the hair can generally grow back effectively once the person has finished treatment.

The person will often experience irritation and will occasionally have sore spots on their head whilst treatment takes place but this usually dissipates once the treatment has ended and people can experience hair growth at a level that they experienced before treatment.

Fungal infection

Fungal infections are another common source of hair loss that affects a number of people.

It occurs when the person in question comes into contact with yeast or a fungus that causes hair loss. Often this type of hair loss can be itchy and irritable and can be quite uncomfortable for the person that suffers. This type of hair loss occurs frequently with young children but the likelihood of the hair growing back once treatment is administered is high.


About the Author (text)Shaun Parker has researched the various types of hair loss that exist and the hair replacement techniques available to combat them. To find out more see

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