Pharmaceutical pricing and healthcare access: lead policy agenda: rising healthcare costs and pressure to expand healthcare coverage focus public attention on the costs of prescription drugs - Washington Report

Despite enactment of Medicare prescription drug legislation last year, healthcare coverage and costs remain prime concerns for the nation.

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Combination products raise manufacturing challenges: new fixed-dose combination drugs aim to enhance safety and efficacy, while regulators clear a path for more drug-device combination products

Combination medical products are hot and becoming hotter. In January, the Food and Drug Administration made headlines by quickly approving a fixed-dose-combination.

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Polymers for controlled release formulation follows function: by focusing on pharmaceutical formulator's needs and keeping a close eye on changes in drug-release technologies, polymer scientists are providing products of better excipient quality and increased functionality

Once considered mainly an afterthought in a company's lifecyde-management strategy, controlled-release dosage forms are now positioned at the forefront of many formulation strategies.

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Ion-exchange membrane technology targets Antisense production challenge - In the field: pharmaceutical science & technology news

An emerging family of biotech drugs promises to revolutionize the treatment of life-threatening diseases. "Antisense" drugs work at the molecular level by binding to messenger.

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Generics still a profit stream

Generics still a profit stream as pharmacy margins trickle - generic drugsCosts of generic drugs are going up on the supply side, say chain drug pharmacy executives, as competition dries up and multisource products shrink to a single supplier or handful of suppliers.

Cardinal health ramps

Cardinal health ramps up drug manufacturing capabilities - Cardinal Health acquires pharmaceutical plant from Schering-Plough - Brief Article - Statistical Data IncludedBASKING RIDGE, N.J. -- Cardinal Health's recent purchase of an idle Schering-Plough plant in Raleigh, N.C., underscores the $40 billion wholesaler's growing presence in the drug-making process.

The Suffocation of Innovation

The Suffocation of Innovation: When the Left fights progress, fight back - prescription drug coverage and new drugsA few years ago, I took part in a congressional hearing on prescription-drug coverage for seniors. During the hearing, Robert Reischauer -- the former director of the Congressional Budget Office and now a budget expert at the Urban Institute

New systems for counterfeit

New systems for counterfeit protection and quality control: counterfeiting prevention has joined quality control as a top concern for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Both issues received a high level of attention at the recent Interphex and Interpack trade exhibitionsProduct security and quality control were major themes of this year's Interphex trade show, held April 26-28 in New York City. A variety of interesting packaging machinery innovations were featured at the event.